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Moishe Liberman

Dr. Liberman is a minimally invasive thoracic surgeon interested in interventional thoracic endoscopy, thoracic oncology and airway surgery. He is the Director of the CHUM Endoscopic Tracheobronchial and Oesophageal Center (C.E.T.O.C.) and was appointed to be the inaugural Medical Director of the Multidisciplinary CHUM Robotic, Endoscopic and Minimally Invasive Surgery Program. He runs one of the busiest thoracic clinical trials programs in the country. He has run over 60 clinical trials at the CHUM over the last 13 years in Thoracic Surgical Oncology in the areas of neoadjuvant therapy, adjuvant therapy, surgical technology and novel devices.

His research interests include new minimally invasive techniques for staging and treatment of lung cancer and ultrasonographic technology in thoracic surgery. He also is very interested in trans-oral, non-surgical techniques for lung cancer diagnosis, staging and ablation as well as novel methods for performing VATS and Robotic lobectomy. His research laboratory focuses on technology assessment and technology development in minimally invasive thoracic oncology, endoscopy, robotics and natural orifice surgical techniques as well as clinical trials in thoracic cancer ablation and technology.

Dr. Liberman’s Laboratory is funded through the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, the Fonds de Recherche en Santé du Quebec (FRSQ), the Society of University Surgeons (SUS), the Thoracic Surgery Research Foundation of Montreal, Axelys and multiple industry partners. He has published well over 160 peer reviewed manuscripts, 50 book chapters and has been an invited lecturer over 160 times.