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Grant Writing Workshop

November 17-18, 2023 Bethesda, MD, USA

The 2023 AATS Grant Writing Course is designed to familiarize trainees, as well as early or mid-career cardiothoracic surgeons, with the process of grant writing and obtaining funding for their research endeavors. The two-day seminar is designed to offer a brief but thorough overview of the process of putting together and submitting a grant. The course will also cover multiple sources of funding including the NIH, DOD, VA, as well as private foundations. The faculty consists of early, mid as well as late career cardiothoracic surgeons familiar with obtaining and maintaining grants, as well as representatives from the NIH and the VA Health System who are very familiar with the funding opportunities available through their respective organizations. The seminar will also contain a mock study section meant to familiarize the attendees with a realistic way the grants are evaluated In addition a “meet and greet dinner” will allow for interaction in a more informal setting. Registration and Housing Additional information on travel, registration, and housing for the 2023 Grant Writing Workshop will be available soon

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