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Exhibition and Sponsorship

The 2023 AATS Mitral Conclave meeting was a great success. It featured 46 sessions, 338 podium presentations, 250 abstracts, and over 900 attendees from 52 countries. View Attendee Demographics. The next AATS Mitral Conclave will be held in 2025. It will focus on technical aspects of mitral valve repair and replacement in a variety of complex anatomic and patient settings. The world’s leading experts in mitral valve disease will provide key insights into how to achieve excellent outcomes through best practice management and the selection and execution of surgical and interventional techniques.

Thank you to our 2023 AATS Mitral Conclave sponsors.

At this time, AATS is planning the 2024 AATS Aortic Symposium, to be held April 25-26, 2024 in New York, NY.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Symposium – Host your own programming!
  • Exhibit Table Tops – Network with AATS Members and explain your products.
  • Hotel Keycards – Place your brand at every attendee’s fingertips.
  • Registration and Housing Confirmation Email Banner Ad – Place your artwork on AATS’ confirmation email, a message attendees will look to multiple times.
  • Grant Support

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