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Mitral Conclave Workshop Boston 2022

May 13 - May 14 at the Sheraton Boston

Focusing on technical aspects of mitral valve repair and replacement in a variety of complex anatomic and patient settings.

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Reasons to Participate

Reasons to Participate

The AATS Mitral Conclave Workshop Boston will focus on technical aspects of mitral valve repair and replacement in a variety of complex anatomic and patient settings. The world’s leading experts in mitral valve disease will provide key insights into how to achieve excellent outcomes through best practice management and the selection and execution of surgical and interventional techniques.

  • Shake hands with experts in your field and have meaningful conversations face-to-face;
  • Learn best practice decision making according to mitral valve etiology and degree of valve dysfunction;
  • Have access to world mitral leaders and learn their latest techniques and strategies;
  • Recognize mitral complications and how to best deal with them;
  • Identify patient eligibility, application, and limitations of catheter-based methods.

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Desired Learning Outcomes

At the end of this activity, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the etiology of lesion(s) of valve disease;
  • Interpret the underlying disease pathology;
  • Choose appropriate surgical technique(s);
  • Recognize surgical complications and apply appropriate treatment course;
  • Correlate guidelines with clinical practice of mitral repair;
  • Apply guidelines for timing of mitral repair in clinical practice;
  • Use relevant diagnostic tools (echocardiography) in aiding correct decision-making regarding diagnoses and surgical treatment;
  • Employ the knowledge acquired through the workshop in clinical practice to improve patient care and ultimately outcomes.

Exhibition and Sponsorship

Reach the cardiothoracic community at the Mitral Conclave Workshop Boston by sharing your brand, products, and services with thousands of experts in the field. Existing and new partners are encouraged to view the Industry Prospectus to learn more. For questions regarding exhibition and sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

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Senior Director of Meetings and Industry